1. How to draw, Adventure Time style

    How to Draw Adventure Time front page image.

    Do you like the new hit show on Cartoon Network called Adventure Time? Do you like to draw? If the answer is yes then this is for you if it’s not then turn right back and read another post.

    Example of what's on the how to draw article

    Found on the deepest darkest cave on scribd, the artist Fred Seibert shares how to draw notes regarding the style on the show Adventure Time. In it you will find how to draw hands, legs, clothes, eyes, heads, mouths and other things all in the colorful and creative Adventure Time Style. Do you think you’re up for it? If so then go right over to Scribd and check it out.

    The Adventure Time Challenge:

    If you come up with something really cool and creative send it to me at animations2008@hotmail.com and if I like I’ll put up a showcase of all the quality ones on the blog and link you right to it.

    Have fun Adventuring, my young Adventurers. Enjoy!

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